Analog VS Digital Recorders ... Which is better for paranormal investigating

Old school investigators swear by their analog recorders and magnetic tape while new school investigators like the convenience of a digital recorder. So which is better for paranormal investigating? I look at the pros and cons
Sarah Chumacero
22nd January 2018.
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It is pretty easy these days to conduct an EVP session. All you need is your mobile phone and hit the record button and you are good to go. Digital recorders themselves are quite cheap. You can buy versions on EBay as little as around $10. For the more serious investigator or those that use the recorder to record sound for podcasts or filming, the really good digital recorders can set you back a few hundred dollars. There is something for everyone. Some you need to charge, others you just pop in batteries so convenience is a massive benefit. It wasn’t always so easy though. Digital recording technology wasn’t always around in the form it is now and wasn’t as affordable either. So what did investigators do 30 years ago? The used tape recorders. In fact most old school investigators will tell you that tape recorders are better when it comes to paranormal investigating. So what should you use?

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Digital Recorders – Pro

Analog Recorders – Pro

Digital Recorders Cons

Analog Recorders Cons

So which is better for paranormal investigating?

A lot of this will come down to how long you have been investigating and what you are used to. Old school investigators swear by analogue, mainly because they claim to have better results which is most likely due to the fact that the audio is not compressed like it is on a digital recorder. It may also be a love for the nostalgia of that time. A lot of new school investigators have probably never even used a tape recorder on an investigation before. With the affordability and convenience of a digital recorder (or even a mobile phone) digital recorders are the more common choice in modern day investigating. The best thing to do? Use both. Then you cover all basis. It can be costly and not as easy to use an analogue tape recorder but it is certainly something every investigator must at least try. Compare your results. Learn how each device records and how it stores it’s audio. Things like the sampling rate and data compression make a huge difference to the end recording. Depending on the device you choose, you could be limiting your chances of getting a great EVP due to how it records and stores it's data. Just because there are cheap digital recorders out there, doesn’t mean they are the best option in the same way the most expensive recorder may not be the best. Work out what works best for you in the way that you investigate. Do you interview people? Do you do EVP bursts or do you just leave a recorder running in the room? Do you need to live listen or attach a microphone? Your style of investigating needs to work well with the type of model you choose. The only way to work this out is trial and error. Isn’t that a big part of what investigating is about anyway?

Which do you prefer Analog or Digital? What do you like or dislike about using them? Tell me in the comments below

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