Digital VS Film Photography .... Which is Better?

Digital VS Film. Which is better for paranormal investigating? Is one more reliable than the other? I look at the pros and cons of both.
Sarah Chumacero
2nd December 2017.
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Photography has been around for well over a century. Fast forward to today’s day and age and we don’t even need to buy a camera, it can be done by pressing a simple button on our smart phone. Ghost Apps and Photoshop are the thorn in every investigators side and seems to be a common occurrence with the convenience of digital photography. For this very reason, some go as far to say that film cameras are more reliable for investigating because they can't be Photoshopped. Contrary to popular belief, it is still possible to manipulate film as well during the developing process. It isn’t as convenient as Photoshop, but it can be done and in fact even back in the 1800’s, photographers would use two plates when developing film so that a ‘ghostly’ image would appear in a photo. Both can be manipulated and any sort of photo regardless of if it is taken with a digital or film camera can have a natural reaction to light which can be misinterpreted as something paranormal. So which is better? Is one more reliable than the other? I look at the pros and cons of Digital VS film photography when used for paranormal investigation.

Digital Cameras - Pros

Film Cameras - Pros

It seems that both have their benefits, but they also have their downfalls as well.

Digital Cameras - Cons

Film Cameras - Cons

So which is better for paranormal investigating?

They both have good and bad qualities as you can see. I personally think if you are going down the line of photography, why not incorporate both so you can reap the benefits of both. What is extremely important to remember is that whether it is a film or digital camera, both use a lens and sometimes a flash to take a photography. It means that be it film or digital, they are both prone to dust orbs, ghosting/lens flare and motion blur. You still need to be aware how a camera works and how the conditions you shoot in can influence if you do experience this phenomena and how to identify it in your photos. I personally don’t really think that photography is a reliable source of evidence, just because of how photos can be manipulated but more importantly, how many natural things can be misinterpreted as paranormal. I use a camera to document my night and to trigger my memory by taking photos of rooms and how things are set up etc. I am not expecting a figure to appear. The day it does appear in one of my photos and I cannot debunk it, I will be the first to admit I am wrong.

Regardless of what you choose, know how a camera works and how a photo is made. Learn how to properly analyse a photo . It all comes with hard work, research and a lot of practise. So which do you prefer? Film or digital? Is there a pro or con I have missed?

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