Should we be trying to communicate in languages other than English?

You know when you goto a foreign country where people speak little to no English and it can be a task just to ask where the bathroom is? Did you ever think maybe that is how a spirit feels sometimes? Is a language barrier hindering investigations or in the afterlife, do we magically become bilingual? Here are my thoughts and experience on the subject.
Sarah Chumacero
16th October 2017.
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I have done my fair share of travelling. In my 20's when I was career focused, I spent quite a lot of time in China on business trips. The company I worked for was a wholesaler for bedlinen and it was my job to hand over instructions of every design, check it was being done correctly, everything was running on time and fine details in between. As with most wholesalers, we manufactured out of China. While a lot of the communication was via email, it was more productive for a lot of it to be done in person. Working out of Shanghai and Wuxi there was a major challenge. A lot of people did not speak a word of English. Sometimes even getting a taxi was challenging. It was incredibly frustrating and sometimes our meetings had to have an interpreter just to get the message across. It was a simple problem. I spoke English, they spoke Mandarin.

English is not the #1 spoken language in the world

English currently sits at the 3rd most spoken language in the world. It is also said to be one of the hardest languages to learn.

Language Speakers
Mandarin 845 million
Spanish 329 million
English 328 million
Hindi 182 million
Bengali 181 million
Portugese 178 million
Russian 144 million
Japanese 122 million
German 90 million
Javanese 85 million

There are millions upon millions of people in our world, that do not speak English and cannot understand it.

Does the language barrier continue into the afterlife

This is something that comes down to personal belief and your experiences. When we pass over we are perhaps energy or light. I always ask them how do you see us to which through my experience, the answer is energy/light. How do spirits hear us? I have realised that I have never actually asked that question so that is definately on my to do list. How do they hear us? Are they standing there with their version of an EVP recorder asking us our name? Do they receive information telepathically like mediums do? Do they hear us through vibrations? None of this we actually know for sure. What I do know is however that we should at least be trying to communicate in a variety of languages.

Does speaking in a different language work during an investigation?

I have investigated locations with various connections to different languages, the most popular being German. In these instances we have suspected there was a presence with us, but no answer. So we would introduce ourselves in German and ask a question in German. We start getting reactions and hits. Is this because they could not understand what we were saying in English? Perhaps speaking in German in a room where a German cook lived is a form of the Singapore Theory where we are doing something to resonate with them.

It is naive for us to think that people only speak English. Even on EVP or through different ghost boxes etc, whether it is audio pareidolia or not, I have heard voices that have an accent. Just the other day a female voice with an Irish accent was coming through and there was an Irish connection to the place we were investigating. At another location I have heard Chinese words come through. If someone only speaks Chinese in life and cannot understand English, I believe that this carries over into the afterlife. Next time you are out on an investigation, look at the history because it is actually important and can aid in your investigation. What is the cultural background? Maybe saying hi in their native language could change the course of your whole investigation! With google translator there is really no excuse to not try. In my experience I have had great results with different languages. Tell me your thoughts! Has this worked for you?

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