EVP PSI (Telepathy) Experiments

What is a ghost? This we don't really know. One theory is that it can be a result of PSI (telepathy). Here are some EVP PSI Experiments you can try!
Sarah Chumacero
30th May 2018.
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A common thought amongst the general population is that a 'ghost' is the soul or energy of a person that once lived and has now passed away. Another theory amongst investigators and parapsychologists is that we are not necessarily communicating with ghosts as we know it, but we are instead potentially psychically projecting our thoughts. So an EVP for example could quite possibly be me unknowingly projecting my thoughts. I have spoken before about a physic projection experiment you can use which is in the article: Different ways to work with EVP which is a great introduction to these kind of experiments. If you want to take them a bit further, here are a couple of exercises you can try!

Secret Word

Each investigator is to determine their own ‘secret word’. This word should be written on a card and placed in a sealed envelope with the investigator’s name on it. It is important that the investigators don’t share or verbally announce their secret word. During the course of the investigation during a certain time slot – say between 9 and 10pm, each investigator must visualise and concentrate on their ‘secret word’ while conducting EVP sessions. It is important however that the investigator does not ask any questions relevant to their secret word.

At the end of the investigation, all envelopes are handed to a delegate who will compile a list of each investigator’s secret word. Remember this must only happen after the investigation has been completed. Upon audio review, has anyone’s secret word appeared on tape?

For control purposes, the investigators should be videoed and remain on screen at all times to ensure that all procedure as been followed and no one has ‘sneaked a peak’ at the cards.


In this experiment, a bit more time and patience is involved. Select 3 investigators who will act as ‘sitters’. Their job will be to ask a set of questions, but they will not do it aloud. It will be mentally. In the original experiment there was 40 cards with questions and two of the cards were blank. The cards were shuffled and separated into 2 decks of twenty. The sitters are each to do 2 sessions (1 with each deck) and they should last around 20 minutes allowing 60 seconds for each question.

Sitting in front of a video camera once again for control purposes the sitter will have one deck of the 20 cards. They should all be numbered clearly on the back so that the camera can see it. After 60 seconds has passed, move on to the next question. When the sitter comes across the blank question card (remember there are two random blank cards) they are to just remain silent and try to keep a blank mind. Wait the 60 seconds and move on. Upon review, its is pretty simple what you are looking for. Was the question recorded on tape or was there an intelligent answer on tape? If it is the question, one would assume it is potentially psychic projection. If it was an intelligent answer, does this mean it was spirit answering your 'psychic' question? That is for you to decide.

There are different ways again of course that you can do this. You don’t have to have 40 cards. Some people also like to pick random people to conduct the experiment, while others like to have a preselected mix. Do you get a better result using someone who is sensitive to the paranormal? What is someone is a sceptic? What if you have a mix of both? Is there a better chance of result with a male vs female? There are many combinations you can research and try. You can introduce control sessions where someone actually reads out the question to be answered. Again now you have the basics, you can adapt and evolve this any way you want to. Place equipment in the room. Are there any atmospheric of EMF fluctuations while the sessions are happening? Instead of using a recorder, use a ghost box or portal. Can you receive your answers in real time?

The ultimate goal with psi experiments is to establish if psi or telepathy is influencing our investigations. We may feel the responses we are getting are from spirit, but what if they are from our very own minds? It may not be a black and white case where it has to be either psi or spirit. Maybe both are a factor. Maybe a ‘ghost’ is a manifestation of our thoughts or maybe it is the soul of a person who has passed. Maybe it is both. Maybe it is neither. Maybe it doesn't exist at all. We don't know, this is one of the many questions we are on the quest to answer with our research. The purpose of what we are doing is try and find some answers. The way you do it and interpret the information is up to you. You don't have to do things exactly as mentioned above, think of it as a loose guide to work with that you can expand and work on. Think outside the box a bit. Remember with experiments, it is not a one off thing. It is something that should be done multiple times with controls and of course log your results. This is why having a video camera is really handy.

Good luck, I am sending you happy thoughts! What are some other PSI EVP experiments you have tried?

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