Misophonia - The sounds that make you angry

When a person unknowingly hates a sound so much, Misophonia can trigger an episode of rage and a person'a fight or flight response to go crazy without them even knowing.
Sarah Chumacero
1st December 2018.
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When you are on a paranormal investigation, you are often stuck in close quarters with a group of people some of who are complete strangers for hours at a time. People can become tired, cold and irritated. It is a normal part of investigating. People often experience a range of emotions on a paranormal investigation, and sometimes they have no idea where it has come through. While some people are empaths and feel they are channeling the feelings or energy of another person or even a spirit, I have seen on many occasions people come over with what they feel as immense rage which is completely out of character and out of the blue. They often remove themselves from the area to 'calm down' and it is something that is often completely out of character for them. It is a feeling that can come from nowhere. If it is experienced in say an old prison for example, often a person wonders if a spirit is causing them to feel this way as prisoners would have been angry etc. Some people also experience a feeling of extreme anxiety where they become scared and need to leave an area. Again it is out of character and has come from nowhere so it would cause a person to question where these feelings and emotions have suddenly come from? Is it a spirit making them feel this way? While this may be a possibility, there is also a condition that a person is completely oblivious to called Misophonia which is something that should also be explored.

What is Misophonia?

It is defined as a literal hatred of a sound. It is also known as selective sound sensitivity syndrome. It is something that is thought to first occur typically in late childhood and can become worse as a person gets older. It is where the person becomes extremely sensitive to a particular sound. The sound is something that is repetitive. It is not a loud bang or noise or a sensitivity to how loud something is but it is some sort of repetitive noise that triggers a person’s fight or flight response. The humming of a fridge for example could cause a person to start experiencing feelings of immense anxiety or even send them into a fit of rage. You know how when you are in a room with someone and they chew gum really loudly and it becomes irritating and you want to scream? Think of this but times a million. A person may be completely unaware they have this condition. Some people have only a very small list of triggers while others have a long list.

It is all to do with the how the brain is processing the sound. While it has not been proven, some research suggests it could be linked to some psychiatric disorders like anxiety and depression and exposure to a sound they are sensitive to could trigger an episode. It can be difficult to diagnose as a hearing test will often come back normal. It isn’t a problem with a person’s hearing, but more how the brain is interpreting these noises. When the brain picks up the signal of a sound it considers a trigger, it can make a person feel anxious, panic, scared and even angry. It can range from mild emotions to quite extreme.

People that are aware of the condition will know that a certain sound can act as a trigger and can identify the sound that causes them to react. What if however a person has a really mild case and doesn't realise there is a sound that triggers them? What if the person is unaware completely of the condition and has these random episodes not knowing what is causing it? When we look at it from a paranormal experience point of view, a lot of locations that we investigate have very specific static sounds. What if being exposed to this same sound for an extended period of time can trigger a person's fight or flight response and cause them to have an episode? It could cause them to suddenly need to leave an area with extreme anxiety or become so angry they need to remove themselves? Similarly what if there is a sound they don't know is a trigger? Walking into a new room with a masked sound that they may not even be aware of could trigger a person to suddenly feel fear. You know when you are on an investigation and you enter a room and there is the feeling like an invisible wall that won't let you through. The more you push through and walk in, the more fearful and anxious you become. I have experienced this myself on a number of occasions and I have wondered, am I being spiritually effected? I have never really considered the fact that it could just be my brain triggering my fight or flight response with something as simple as a sound.

This of course does not explain all instances of a person suddenly feeling a certain emotion. I have experienced too much myself to say that it was all triggered by a noise, but it is something that we as investigators should at least look at and consider as an option. Is there one room at a location that effects you every single time you go in there and you can't seem to explain it? Maybe in addition to 'debunking' things like emf we also need to explore sound more and the effects it can have on a person. We know about infrasound and the effect it can have on people, and I have written about ultrasound as well. With these in mind it shouldn't come as a surprise that certain static sounds could trigger us without even knowing. A human is sensitive to all sorts of things, sound being one of them. While we use it to aid our investigations, there are some aspects of sounds that can also work against us.

The next time someone has a reaction which seems to be out of the blue, look around and more importantly listen. Could there be a sound that has set something in motion? Are you sensitive to certain sounds? Do you suffer from this condition? There is no cure and there is also no cause. A lot is unknown with this condition. I didn't even know until a few days ago that it existed. Our brains are smarter than we know. In fact they can be so smart that they work against us. That is what the whole 'stuff paranormal investigators need to know' series is all about. I am by no means discounting anyone's paranormal experiences as I have experienced things myself. I am merely presenting one of the many options it can be. It is up to you to decipher.

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