Is precognition a message from the other side or a form of de ja vu?
Sarah Chumacero
27th November 2018.
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What is precognition?

Precogniton is best described as ‘future sight’. It is thought to be a form of extrasensory perception where a person has a psychic ability to be able to see events in the future. A person is not mentally causing a event to happen, they are simply predicting it. Most commonly, people experience precognition in the form of a dream.

Being a psychic medium doesn’t mean you have precognition

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have is that they believe people who label themselves as psychic mediums can predict the future. There are often jokes of ‘how come you can’t win the lottery’ or ‘you should have known I was coming’. Quite a lot of people have the gift of clairvoyance. This gives them the ability to see events or situations as they are presently or have been in the past. It does not necessarily give them a vision of the future as not all clairvoyants have precognition. You will find this is why at the beginning of a reading, a psychic will usually tell you how they receive their messages and how they do their readings.

Precognitive dreams

We all have dreams. A precognitive dream is one that shows the dreamer a vision of the future. There are many accounts all over the world of people perhaps dreaming of a certain place they have never seen or heard of before and months later they suddenly find themselves in that exact same place. Some people believe they are warned about future events in their dreams. There are reports of people for example who dream of natural disasters days before they occur. Another form of a precognitive dream is considered to be a sign that you are on the right path. Some take it as a message from spirit or spirit guides. Some consider it just a coincidence. When the event itself happens and you experience it in waking life, you have a sense of de ja vu because everything is familiar.

Is precognition a form of de ja vu?

Do you ever find yourself driving in the car and you have a certain song in your head and then that exact song comes on the radio? It happens to me all the time. Perhaps you were talking with someone about a certain person and they suddenly out of the blue call you after years of silence. While some refer to this as a form of de ja vu, it can also be a form of a memory phenomena. I recently wrote an article about the Baader Meinhof Phenomenon where you brain looks for things that are relevant to you. Often things are right in front of us, but we take no notice of them unless they are relevant to us. For example if you start talking about a red car, you will suddenly notice every single red car on the road. Some people believe this is what causes us to feel de ja vu. I could unknowingly be flicking through a magazine and see a photo of a beautiful house. Months later, not remembering that I have seen this in a magazine I may find myself driving past this house. Suddenly I feel like I have been there before and feel drawn like I knew I was coming here. In reality, my brain is triggered because it has remembered that I recognise the house and gives me the sense of familiarity. In some ways it could feel like a form of precognition because of the feeling of seeing the place somewhere before.

Like with everything, it is interpretation. A spiritual person takes certain things as a sign and relies on the feelings and sensations they are feeling. There is a point and a purpose to every single event and it is all leading to some sort of message or moment of enlightenment. In a lot of ways, it is a form of confirmation and knowing that you are on the right path. Sometimes we have a perception of what we think we want or what we think is the right path. Our reality doesn’t always meet this expectation so these little hints and messages can help a person with that confirmation. When you look at psychic readings, they are not there to tell you what you future will be. They are there to reassure you or guide you towards the path you want to be on. The future I don’t believe is written entirely and it is up to you as an individual to change things if you don’t believe that you are on the right path. A single decision can change everything, but it is a decision that you have to come to. Precognition should be thought of as a confirmation rather than a prediction in my eyes.


It is about perception. Two people could have the exact same dream. One could interpret the dream as a message about some future event they feel they are destined for. Another may not even remember it in the morning or think anything of it. I know sometimes I have had some really bizarre dreams that have even caused me to search for the meaning of dreams. A dream I commonly have is one where all of my teeth fall out. I can actually feel them falling out of mouth and disintegrating. I have read many different meanings. Some say that either someone is going to get sick or ill or that I will lose someone or something. A common thread however I found when digger deeper is that this particular dream supposedly represents a feeling of fear and insecurity. Perhaps my fear of losing something or failing at something is the reason for this dream. When fueled by fear, you can often manifest your fear into happening. If I go into a situation afraid and expecting to fail, I am more likely to do so. Does this mean my dream accurately predicted my downfall or was it my insecurity and fear that led to the downfall? Remember our brains are very powerful and often work against us.

I can honestly say that I don't have the gift of precognition so my interpretation is obviously going to be different to someone who does. Perhaps sometimes my problem is that I do think too much about things instead of letting them happen and seeing where they take me. A psychic actually randomly said this to me once during a reading. They didn't know me but just told me there were signs and signals being given to me and they were all around me but I was ignoring them and overthinking. I found it a strange comment at the time but maybe it is true.

With anything though, like I always encourage, look at everything from every angle and ask questions. You know what is best for you and what is happening in your life. Is your dream or feeling a sign from the other side, or is it just some kind of episodic memory? I can't answer that question, only you can as it is highly personal and I am not a psychic so it is difficult for me to relate to those feelings and experiences because I haven't had them. Ultimately you know your life and the path you are taking, just remember, that you have the power to change your future!

Tell me below, have you had dreams that have come true?

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