The Akashic Records and our soul

The spiritual community often talk about things like the Akashic Records and a life review for our soul after we die. What is our soul? Do we learn lessons in each lifetime? What are the Akashic Records? I explore these concepts further.
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25th April 2019.
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In the Supernatural Synchronicity series I wrote with fellow blogger Ashley Knibb, we explored different explanations and theories as to what paranormal phenomena was and where it could potentially come from. While we explored a lot of different theories and asked a lot of questions, it doesn't change the fact that a lot of the information out there from the mainstream paranormal community stems from the belief that a ghost or spirit is the consciousness or even a soul of a person who was once living. In essence, when we die, they believe our consciousness or our soul live on. While I spend a lot of my time theorising on alternate explanations here, I also wanted to explore this one more closely. If we do live on in different ways after we die, what actually happens to us? This is the question we as paranormal researchers often seek, however there are a lot of people within the spiritual community that talk about this matter with a sense of confidence. They feel they have a direct line so to speak with certain abilities or gifts. They claim to know what happens to us and more importantly why it happens. You see there is a lesson within it all. While we talk about life lessons, in the spiritual world, they believe there are several life lessons to learn.

What are the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are said by theologians to be the energetic records of all souls containing information about their past lives, their present lives, and all possible future lives. It is like a library of books, where each book represents each life time of a particular soul. These records are stored in what is considered to be a 5th dimension. We live in a 3 dimensional world. The 4th dimension is time which we cannot see. Some consider it to be the bridge between our physical world and the spiritual world. The 5th dimension is thought to be the first major spiritual dimension where a person reaches a higher form of consciousness. It is in this 5th dimension that a person can supposedly access these records. In order to do so, they have to pass through this 4th dimension which is made up of time. It is referred to by some as the astral plane.

What is a soul?

In Ancient Egypt, they believed the soul was made up of several elements that was created as an eternal force which lived inside every living being. In order for all the different parts of the soul to function, they believed a body needed to be in tact which is why mummification was such an essential part of their burials.

Source: Ancient History Encyclopedia

Greek Philosopher Plato's views on the human soul were that our very existence on Earth was a mere shadow of some kind of higher existence. Our body was just a vessel and if anything was in some ways restricting the full capabilities of our soul from reaching a higher plain or a higher form of consciousness - something which I hear a lot of today through spiritual circles. He believed that a soul goes from human to human which is what would explain for some the idea of past lives.

Either death is a state of nothingness and utter consciousness, or, as men say, there is a change and migration of the soul from this world to another. Now if death be of such a nature, I say that to die is to gain; for eternity is then only a single night.


Another Greek Philosopher Socrates who was a supposed teacher of Plato, believed that a person's soul was immortal. Death was not the end of a person's existence but marks the separation of the soul from the physical body.

“Give me beauty in the inward soul; may the outward and the inward man be at one.”


Catholic theologian Saint Augustine believed that the soul was also immortal and that the body and the soul is what makes up a human. He didn't necessarily believe that a soul transferred from physical body to physical body.

when speaking of God, no one should think of him as something corporeal; nor yet of the soul, for of all things the soul is nearest to God.


Life Review

It is said by a lot of people in the spiritual community that once we die, we shed our physical body. They also believe that we shed a lot of our 'human' traits like negativity and pain. Apparently this can take a few days as you are in the process of taking on everything that you learned in your lifetime and integrating all of your life experience into your soul. All the crap basically sheds away and you are left with wisdom and knowledge from the lesson that was your life. You also have what is called a 'Life Review' where you basically watch a movie of your life. It helps you to see the lessons you learnt. This of course is also already stored in your Akashic records. It is thought by some that our soul lives through many human life times. Each life time we are said to learn different lessons. This is why some people talk about things they did in past lives for example.

There are people that specialise in Akashic Record reading so it is not something that you have to wait to die for. Some people who claim they can do astral projection say they can access these records (as remember above they exist in the same dimension). Others simply use their intuition. It is almost like a form of psychic mediumship in a way. Apparently you have to go into with the right intent or you come out with incorrect information. Ultimately though, the Akashic Records are a form of spiritual self reflection. You can look at the mistakes or lessons you have learnt in the past present and supposedly the future and apply this wisdom to how you are living your life. Whether you believe in these records or not, it is not necessarily a bad thing to learn from your mistakes, something we can definitely apply to the way we investigate the paranormal.

Of course the majority of the above are belief based statements. They aren't necessarily my beliefs, but a very large proportion of the paranormal community believe this so it is worth exploring these concepts. What do you think? Do you believe our soul lives on? Do we live through more than one human life time? Do we have a life review? What would your life review look like?

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