The effects of white noise

While we use white noise to conduct sensory deprivation experiments and even to enhance our EVP sessions, it makes me wonder. Is it actually helping? Is white noise masking potential EVPS? Is white noise causing a person to feel something 'paranormal'? What does white noise do to the brain?
Sarah Chumacero
5th December 2018.
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Ive spoken before about the Ganzfeld experiment which is designed to take away the sense of sight and hearing with the thought that the daily noise can hinder our ESP abilities. By covering a person’s eyes and having them listen to white noise, are we opening the person up to the possibility of using some kind of untapped abilities? Ive also written about the ways in which investigators use white noise to aid in investigations. One of the more common ways it is used is with EVP sessions with the thought that it can ‘help’ a spirit to talk with us. Then there is just the fact that people use white noise to help them focus and even to help them sleep.

From my own research and talking with others, there is one thing that I particularly notice when conducting the ganzfeld experiment. Whether a person is experiencing something paranormal or not, the person sitting in the experiment is often affected in some way. They often feel a presence, sometimes they hear things and I have seen people stop the experiment because they start freaking out. They don’t know why they are freaking out, but their body seems to be reacting either to the noise or something else. Sometimes they can’t even explain what was happening to them. I have been on both sides of the experiment and most recently took on the role of observing 10 people conducting the experiment in the one night. While the researcher in me tried to use Zener cards and do some work with telepathy as well, that side of things came back with no results. What was interesting however was that every single participant had some sort of personal experience – whether it was paranormal normal or not again I don’t know, but the point is that they reacted. All felt physical sensations such as touching, seeing shadows and some were overcome with different emotions that seemed to come from nowhere. The group of people were a mixture from psychic mediums to some who were pretty sceptical and just wanted to try it for themselves.

Getting ready for a night of sensory deprivation experiments

My recent experience with white noise

What really peaked my interest in this subject was something that happened to me recently. My husband purchased for me Bose sleep buds which are special ear phones that are linked to an app which play a continuous noise to block out any outside sound to allow a person to sleep. You can choose different tracks from white noise to the sound of an aero plane or a bubbling brook of water. Leaves rustling is even an option or a campfire complete with crickets. I am a very light sleeper and often suffer from insomnia. He is also a big snorer and I often hit him in his sleep so it was as much for him as it was for me. When I used them for the first time, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself because I felt like I was doing a mini Ganzfeld experiment. Of course I had chosen white noise as my sound option. I even thought to myself that these would be great to use next time for Ganzfeld experiments (except I didn’t want the hygiene issues of different people using them in their ears). Once I finally started to relax, I was still finding it difficult to sleep. Time became non existent and soon a couple of hours had passed which to me felt like maybe 20 minutes. What I noticed as the time passed was that my senses were becoming more and more heightened. I would become frightened everytime my husband moved because I could feel the bed move. I was feeling changes in temperature, some which were very cold which many would compare to a cold spot. I even felt like there was someone standing next to me when there wasn’t. More and more I became on edge to the point I started freaking out and I had to take them out. I was fine. I don’t believe anything paranormal was happening, but my body seemed to be reacting the longer my sense of hearing was bombarded with only white noise. It made me wonder, what exactly happens to the brain when it is exposed to white noise?

What happens to the brain when it is exposed to white noise?

In looking into this further, it seems researchers have found that sensory changes can alter the chemicals of the brain which can cause a change to how it functions. They suggest that the brain rewires itself in a negative way when it is fed what is considered to be negative information such as white noise. While none of this is proven, it is where the research is leading them.

Let’s put aside the spiritual side for a moment and just look at the brain and what white noise does to a person physically. White noise is considered to be a ‘masking’ sound. People use it to drown out the outside world to focus when studying or writing. People use it to mask out noise when they are trying to sleep. People even use it to have a break from tinnitus in the ear. Have you heard of sound masking? Some office buildings use it to help mask out sounds to produce productivity. Noise itself has an effect on a person. High levels of noise can cause a person to become hot and cause their eyeballs to vibrate – remember my article on the ghost frequency? This in turn can cause a person to feel like they are in the presence of something paranormal. At a lower level, it can change a person’s blood pressure, cause them to feel stressed and anxious. When you go lower again, it is more psychological than chemical and causes a person to become irritable than anything else. So when you have all of this sound around you at all different frequencies, it is having an unseen effect on you. Things you are feeling on a daily basis could be attributed to noise. Each person also reacts differently so while a certain frequency may affect me, it may not affect the person next to me. It would make sense that masking these sound can help a person sleep and focus etc. It does bring me to ask the question, if white noise is used to mask sound, is this hurting our EVP work when we use white noise?

Is using white noise with EVP work actually masking potential EVPS?

If we are using white noise while we are doing an EVP session is it really of any benefit? I know that I myself usually have one running because everyone says it can increase your chances so why not? It makes me wonder a few things though. If I am reviewing a recording for example looking for a potential EVP and I had white noise running, I am going to be hearing it when I replay the recording. Whether or not I feel I can physically hear it, it is there. As it works as a kind of masking agent, could it be masking out any potential voices? Sometimes I wonder why I can’t hear a lot of the potential EVPS that other people can hear. Could this be one of the reasons why? Is my brain masking a potential EVP? Quite honestly I haven’t found with the many EVP sessions that I have done that white noise has been of any benefit in the work I have done. So maybe I am going to give the white noise generator and rest and see if it makes any difference to my results. It is also worth noting that a lot of the newer expensive recorders are made in a why to mask out a lot of background noise as well so that you don’t get any static. If it is picking up white noise, it will most likely mute it in some way so again, does this mean you are potentially missing out on an EVP? Lastly, when looking at the effect white noise can have on a person after long exposure, can a person conducting a long EVP session while using white noise be physically affected to the point that they feel they are having a paranormal experience? We know that infrasound can have this effect and while a lot of people use generators that they can’t hear with their ears, it doesn’t mean that their body is not reacting to the frequency.

Common white noise generator used on investigations

Is it white noise causing our paranormal experiences?

White noise itself is a combination of all of the frequencies of sound. While it is great at masking out the outside noise, one has to wonder, if it is a combination of all the frequencies that affect us, what if listening to this for a long period of time going to do to us? Is it little wonder that when we are doing all of these experiments with white noise that a person is reacting? How do we differentiate spiritual from science? I suppose like anything in the paranormal that isn’t exactly an easy question to answer. A person experiencing something as a result of white noise is going to feel that the experience is genuine. That is what the noise does. This is what frequency does. Does it explain every experience? Could the white noise mask out the outside world allowing a person to have some sort of paranormal experience? I would say it is a possibility. I have seen so much happen and to people I know don’t muck around and are genuine. If white noise can help us relax, focus and even meditate, why couldn’t it then unlock that part of our brain that may be blocking a connection to something else? It is really something I know I am planning researching and testing a lot further.

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