The ghost frequency

We know that infrasound can cause a person to believe that they are experiencing something paranormal. There is however one particular frequency that invokes these feelings and it really hits the mark. It is referred to as 'The Ghost Frequency'
Sarah Chumacero
23rd September 2018.
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Sound is one of those things that we investigators love working with. It is great to experiment with and it can have adverse effects on the envrionment around you. Most of this is thanks to infrasound. Check out the article I wrote previously if you want to learn more about infrasound. Some investigators try to use infrasound to enhance their paranormal investigating. Some believe infrasound is the key to unlocking residual energy. Others believe that it causes a person to feel like they are having a paranormal experience when in fact it is the sound messing with their body.

The Ghost Frequency

One night in the 1980s, a scientist by the name of Vic Tandy was working late at night alone in his lab. He felt that he wasn't alone and saw some sort of mist in the corner of his eye. He promptly left and didn't return until the sun was up the next day as he was spooked. The next day when he came back, he had a fencing sword (as fencing was a hobby of his) and he put the handle in a vice. He noticed that the blade started vibrating for no reason. He felt that the vibrations looked like a soundwave. It was then he realised there must have been some low sound that he couldn't hear that was causing the blade to vibrate. He discovered that a new fan he installed was emitting a very low rumbling sound that some people may find difficult to hear at a frequency of 18.98hz. This is around the same frequency that the human eye is thought to vibrate at. He concluded that the grey mist he saw the night prior was an optical illusion caused by his eyes being affected by the sound waves. He continued his research and wrote a research paper 'The Ghost in the Machine'. The Ghost Frequency was born.

Any sort of paranormal experience had by a person while this frequency is emitting would need to be thrown out. In fact there are quite a lot of studies that have been done testing the effects of this and other frequencies on the human body. They all show that when subjected to these low frequency sounds for a prolonged period of time, the particpants started feeling like they were being watched or not alone and reported seeing figures out of the corner of their eye. The hair on the back of their neck would stand up and they felt anxious.

It is also handy to know this information as you can use certain devices to measure the frequency of sound. If you are doing an investigation, for the purpose of debunking infrasound as a possible cause of a 'haunting', this information can be quite handy to know. Other investigators like to try and use this frequency as tool while investigating. It is thought by some that perhaps infrasound can be helpful in unlocking residual energy, especially if they are researching the stone tape theory. You would have to make sure you were not in the room though, as you could start feeling ill. If you were going to do this, I would just use some data loggers to see if there were any sort of changes in the atmosphere etc. It isn't really any good setting up a digitial recorder, as you would likely not make it through the playback - same with a video camera unless you muted the sound. If using this for an investigation, it really would be just a data gathering opportunity.

How long can you last?

If you want to give it a try, here is a video of the ghost frequency playing for 20 minutes. A lot of people cannot make it through to the end.

(view at your own risk)

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