The Power of Sound

Infrasound, Ultrasound, Frequencies ..... sound seems to have a strong connection to paranormal phenomena. Lets look at the different ways sound can either make a person think something paranormal is happening to the possibility of it potentially being a catalyst for paranormal activity.
Sarah Chumacero
3rd May 2019.
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Sound in so many ways is one of the vital elements when it comes to paranormal research. From Infrasound to Ultrasound and frequencies, sound seems to have a strong connection to paranormal phenomena. In some cases, the sound or more specifically the frequency can cause a person to feel like they are experiencing something paranormal. At the same time, it can also be considered to be a potential catalyst for paranormal activity. So lets look at a few different areas in which sound plays a part in our paranormal research.


You will know from my previous posts regarding EVP’s that the human ear can hear sound from 20-20000hz. Basically infrasound is a sound that is below 20hz. A Hz stands for hertz and 1 Hz is the equivalent to 1 vibration per second. Quite a lot of people can hear well below 20hz so to some it may be inaudible and not to others depending how low the frequency is and what your personal threshold is. It is actually thought some people can hear as low as 12Hz. In a nutshell though, infrasound is a very low frequency sound. Animals such as Giraffes and Elephants use it to communicate across their large herds over long distances. Before natural disasters, animals seem to flee the area before the disasters hits. It is believed that they are picking up on the infrasound causing them to become fearful and flee. Volcanoes emit infrasound when they erupt and meteors also give off infrasound while traveling through space. Infrasound can be detected by a microphone so scientists use it to track animals, monitor volcanoes and follow the flight paths of meteors in spaces. It doesn't just stop there!

The Ghost Frequency

One night in the 1980s, a scientist by the name of Vic Tandy was working late at night alone in his lab. He felt that he wasn't alone and saw some sort of mist in the corner of his eye. He promptly left and didn't return until the sun was up the next day as he was spooked. The next day when he came back, he had a fencing sword (as fencing was a hobby of his) and he put the handle in a vice. He noticed that the blade started vibrating for no reason. He felt that the vibrations looked like a soundwave. It was then he realised there must have been some low sound that he couldn't hear that was causing the blade to vibrate. He discovered that a new fan he installed was emitting a very low rumbling sound that some people may find difficult to hear at a frequency of 18.98hz. This is around the same frequency that the human eye is thought to vibrate at. He concluded that the grey mist he saw the night prior was an optical illusion caused by his eyes being affected by the sound waves. He continued his research and wrote a research paper 'The Ghost in the Machine'. The Ghost Frequency was born.


I am not referring to the medical procedure that you have to have a look at your insides. An ultrasound is a sound that is undetectable by the human ear which is caused by vibration. It is a sound wave that is above the 20000HZ range that the human ear can hear. Think of a dog whistle. It is a high pitched sound that we cannot ear, but a dog can. That is considered to be an ultrasonic frequency.

The whole concept of sound is made up by frequency and vibration. A vibration creates a sound wave. Nearly all objects when hit, struck or somehow disturbed, will create some sort of vibration. You may not hear it with your ear, but it is happening. When an object vibrates, it vibrates at a certain frequency. It is this frequency which determines if you can hear it or not. As we know the human ear can hear frequencies between 20 - 20000hz give or take. Some people can hear more outside this range or less. The older you get, the less you will also tend to hear.

Anything and everything. Just rubbing your fingers together can create ultrasound. Any sort of movement can create a vibration either within your body or an object nearby. Research has shown that your computer monitor emits ultrasound and from this they can actually work out what image is on the screen without looking at it. The key is within the ultrasound. There is noise around us all the time, but we are not hearing it. The only way to hear it is to use an ultrasonic detector. Companies will use ultrasonic detectors that allow them to hear these high frequency noises through a device using headphones as it allows them to identify any maintenance issues with equipment. The friction and turbulence of a machine may be emitting a higher frequency noise that we are not hearing. You can also get devices that emit these high frequency noises to repel a dog. It is called a dog dazer and ironically it is made by K-II enterprises which also manufacture the safe EMF range device - otherwise known at the K-II meter. One would also have to wonder if ultrasound effects a K-II Meter? It certainly would not surprise me.

ELF - Earth's Natural Noises

ELF stands for Earth's Natural Noises. The name is pretty self explanatory. Also known as VLF it is a very low frequency, that are radio signals from the Earth between around 200HZ and 10000HZ. These are not man made, they are created by nature. Lightening storms, Northern and Southern Lights, the earth's magnetic field all produce natural sounds such as whistling, chirping, barking and referred to as the 'Earth's music'. These can be recorded by your devices such as a digital recorder. A faraday pouch will protect your recordings from these interferences. This is why weird noises that you may receive on an EVP need to be thrown out. Unless it is a clear word, one would have to presume that it is some sort of interference either man made or natural.

White noise

White noise is that annoying, static, fuzzy sound that you hear when your radio or tv has no signal. The one that when too loud makes you cover your ears as it is almost unbearable. It is defined as a combination of all the different frequencies that a human ear can hear. We know that the human ear can hear between 20 and 20000HZ. This means that you are hearing approximately 20000 tones of sound at the same time. The easiest way to understand it is to think of a quiet little café. You go to have a coffee and you while you are sitting and enjoying your coffee, you can hear all the different conversations. You can differentiate the different voices. Now imagine you are in a busy shopping centre in the food court at lunch time on the school holidays. Everyone is talking at the same time and you cannot hear the individual voices. It is just a mess of loud chatter. White noise works in the same way. You are hearing so many different tones at the same time that it all just blends into the fuzzy static sound that you recognise as white noise.

There are a few different theories in the paranormal with white noise. A lot these revolve around EVP and ITC.

Some people will play white noise during an EVP session as they believe it helps the spirits to communicate. As white noise is made up of tonnes of frequencies, they believe that the spirits can manipulate and use this to talk to us. The downfall of course to this is trying to eliminate the sound of the white noise when reviewing your EVPS. Some people believe that the EVP’s themselves are embedded in the white noise and with enough enhancement, you can find an EVP. I personally don’t work this way because I don’t believe we should really be editing our sound files – especially to the point that you would have to do extensive work like removing the background, but that is just my personal opinion.

Other people use white noise to help them listen for EVP’s when reviewing evidence. By playing white noise while you are reviewing your EVP, you can cut out all background interference and it may help you to focus better.

White Noise is also used for the Ganzfield experiment. This is a sensory deprivation technique. By essentially drowning out all background sound with white noise and covering the eyes, some believe that it can open you up to having a paranormal experience. Other people use this as a bit of a brain hack, but we will talk about that experiment at a later time.

White noise is also used in ITC communications. Some people like to use white noise on a screen with the assumption that spirits can visually manifest through the white noise. It is a similar technique to Video ITC where you use a continuous loop on your screen, but in this case you would use white noise. Have you seen the movie white noise with Michael Keaton? Think this.

The most common way however the white noise is used in the field today, is through the spirit box. The spirit box is essentially a broken radio that scans through the radio stations at a fast rate. You only get a small snippet of a word if any at all. You are left with a rather loud and annoying form of white noise. Again the theory here is that spirits can use this to come through. Some people like them and some people it is a personal choice. I am not a big fan of ghost boxes, but I will admit I have heard some questionable things come through before.

White noise however, does itself seem to have an affect on a person. It seems researchers have found that sensory changes can alter the chemicals of the brain which can cause a change to how it functions. They suggest that the brain rewires itself in a negative way when it is fed what is considered to be negative information such as white noise. While none of this is proven, it is where the research is leading them. It means a person can start to feel paranoid, anxious, they may feel hot, their blood pressure may change and they can feel like they are experiencing something paranormal. Much in the same way that the ghost frequency works.

While the above cases can cause a person to feel that they may be experiencing something paranormal, it is also possible that it could in fact be an important component or even catalyst for paranormal phenomena. This is why I do believe that we need to explore the concepts of sound much further. One of the most popular ways that sound is used when investigating the paranormal is with the Singapore Theory.

The Singapore Theory

The Singapore Theory is a really popular technique used by almost all paranormal investigators. It is known by several other names so it is possible you have tried it and didn’t even know it! It is called by some ‘Paranormal Stimuli’or ‘Theory of Familiarisation ‘. The Klinge Brothers refer to it as ‘Era Cues ‘. No matter what name it goes by, it all has the same intended outcome. It is recreating some sort of act or environment which may be ‘familiar’ to the spirits and therefore may induce some sort of response. Have you ever been to a location and played music specific to a certain time period in an attempt to get the attention of the spirits? This is a typical example of the Singapore Theory. You are playing something that is hopefully familiar to them to get some sort of response. Music is the easiest way to achieve this and also quite successful according to many fellow investigators. It is not of course exclusive to music. Any sort of sound, even something like a gunshot seems to trigger some interesting results.

Using sound to potentially 'unlock' paranormal energy

There are a lot of investigators that have said they have success in 'unlocking' what is believed to be some sort of 'paranormal energy' through methods they have used during a paranormal investigation. A lot of the time they are using sound. Is sound the key that unlocks the paranormal energy from it's surroundings or is it just the sound by itself? Often associated with the Stone Tape Theory, many investigators believe that sound or loud noises can aid their investigations. I have been at investigations on several occasions where an investigator will get a group of people to loudly yell HELLO at the same time. This has been very successful in capturing what would be considered a potential EVP. It also seems that other activity happens shortly after as well. I wonder if perhaps it is not a case that it is unlocking this energy from the surroundings but it is more to do with the sound itself. Tesla himself said :“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Maybe it isn't the stone we need to be looking at, I believe it is sound. Frequency I believe is a lot more powerful than we know.

Like anything in the paranormal, it can be difficult to determine if sound is actually causing something paranormal or if it is making us think something paranormal is happening. How do we differentiate spiritual from science? I suppose like anything in the paranormal that isn’t exactly an easy question to answer. Sometimes things happen that we just can't explain. Just because there is an explanation for something, doesn't mean that this is what was happening at the time. It also doesn't necessarily mean it was something paranormal either. I guess that is up to us to figure out. In the end, there are things we don't understand and I do sometimes wonder if we ever will.

Nikola Tesla ....

Perhaps we just need to turn the 'speakers on' and see if something or someone wants to talk. We can hear, but are we ready to listen?


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