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A new YouTube Channel is launching Friday 6th of July. What exactly is Worlds Beyond TV going to be about?
Sarah Chumacero
24th June 2018.
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There has been a bit of hype from myself and a few others in paranormal land about a new YouTube Channel called Worlds Beyond TV. Not much has been revealed except for the name and a launch date. So what is Worlds Beyond TV?


Worlds TV is a collaboration from 4 people in the paranormal field. Glenn, Bill and Amanda from Australian Paranormal Society and myself have come together to present a different take on the paranormal.

This is not a ghost adventures style investigation show or what you have come to expect from YouTube paranormal content. In fact you will see very little investigating. What you will be seeing is a showcase of all things paranormal as well as the individuals and teams within the Australian paranormal community who are out there seeking answers.

"Worlds Beyond Television has been a goal of mine for several years now , and I feel this is the right format for an awesome channel. The idea is to have content that will make people think, content that is not your average run of the mill paranormal show and I think we have achieved that." Bill - Australian Paranormal Society


Segments have already been filmed with people from different areas in the paranormal field – some of them pioneers in Australia in their chosen area. We have filmed segments with investigators, researchers, spiritualists, hypnotists, mediums, Satanists, UFOlogists, Abductees with so much more to come. It allows them to talk about their experiences, work they do within the field and to show the world just how much more there is to the paranormal.

"The word paranormal covers so much more than just ‘ghost hunting’. Paranormal refers to anything outside what is considered to be normal and that is what World Beyond TV aims to showcase. We all come from different backgrounds and look at the paranormal individually from a different perspective. It is this diversiveness that makes this collaboration work as we all have something different we can contribute and present to the World." Sarah Chumacero Living Life In Full Spectrum

Inspired by the Worlds Beyond forums held in Melbourne and hosted by Australian Paranormal Society, these forums invited people from all walks of the paranormal community all over Australia and sometimes internationally to present talks to educate the public about different areas of the paranormal.

"I’m really excited to be part of this amazing project, something I have wanted to make happen for a long time. We will be exploring so many interesting subjects to hopefully get people to think outside the square." Amanda Australian Paranormal Society

Is it Real?

In a regular segment, our investigators put on their thinking hats to debunk popular viral paranormal videos. Are they real or have they been faked and how?

Stories of a paranormal investigator

We talk to paranormal investigators across the field to tell us some of their most head scratching moments and show us where they happened.

"Worlds Beyond is an amazing collaboration of various people and beliefs bringing some of the most fascinating content related to paranormal.. history.. urban legend and myths. It has always been a dream of mine to be apart of a project with such scale and such amazing people and ideas that viewers will get exposed to ideas and information that will get people thinking WORLDS BEYOND." Glenn McPhee - Haunted Informer, Australian Paranormal Society


The team want to encourage ‘thinking outside the paranormal square’ and try different methods and techniques to experimenting and investigating. Using a mixture of old school and new school technique, how can we shake things up? We look at tried and tested experiments, and even come up with a few of our own.


We visit historical locations across Victoria to showcase the beautiful history and the stories of the people within.

Hollywood Vs Paranormal

We look at famous paranormal cases and their corresponding ‘Movies’ to present you with the real story. Are these stories as ‘amazing’ as they are made out to be or are they exaggerated by Hollywood?

Of course none of this is complete without a little bit of investigating because that is what we do!

All of this and so much more is coming to you soon via Worlds Beyond TV. The channel launches on Friday 6th of July and a new episode will be released each Friday afternoon. Make sure you click ‘subscribe’ to the YouTube channel. We will not be creating a dedicated FaceBook page for this platform. It will all be through YouTube.

From all of us we appreciate your support and we cannot wait to share our adventures with you.

Yours spookily

The Worlds Beyond TV Crew

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