Bundoora Park (Coopers Settlement) Victoria

The heritage village at Bundoora park gives us a glimpse of what village life was like dating back from the late 1800's. It includes a groomsmen cottage, a chapel, farmhouses, stables and a school. The chapel dates back to 1920 and was formerly the Rathcown Baptist Curch Reservoir and is a consecrated building. The school now known as Coopers Plains rural school was once Burrum Primary School from the Wimmera Wheat growing district of Western Victoria. The school was donated and renamed to honour Horatio Copper who was the first permanent farmer in Bundoora in 1840. This was a rural school with one teacher to all grades in the one room to educate farmer's children. Children often had to travel long distances to school and often rode by horse. This brings us to one of the most famous ghostly legends surrounding the heritage village. On site are the graves of two horses. One of those being Wallace. Wallace was the son of Melbourne Cup 1890 winner Carbine and was quite successful, however is more well known as being a stud and one of his offspring competed in 949 races winning 249000 pounds. At the age of 25, Wallace died and was buried on the property where he remains today. A lot of people claim to hear horses and the sound of hooves at night when approaching the graves. It is thought that Wallace is looked after by the ghost horse of the mare Lurline coming to see who is coming by.

You can attend a paranormal investigation at Bundoora Park Heritage Village with Australian Paranormal Society. Check their facebook page for event details.

Photos by Sarah - Living Life In Full Spectrum - Paranormal Blog