Como House - South Yarra Victoria

Melbourne was only around 2 years old when the site that Como House now sits on was used as a cattle run. In 1847 Edward Eyre Williams who was a lawyer who later went on to become the first judge of the Supreme Court in Victoria purchased the land and had a 4 bedroom home built on the property. He named it Como as he had proposed to his wife on Lake Como in Italy. A beautiful personal touch. In the early 1850's Como House changed hands twice. John Brown saw potential even though the previous owner found it to be 'dull' and Brown decided to do some upgrades. He had the grounds landscaped, added a second story and a ballroom to overlook the gardens. The ballroom was later converted to bedrooms. In 1964, a very wealth Charles Armytage bought Como House as a place of residence for himself and his wife Caroline. In the 1870's a children's wing was added as well as a downstairs ballroom. They were filthy rich. In 1876, Charles passed away. The house was left to Caroline who died in 1906. Their children started subdividing and selling off some of the land while living at Como House. in 1959, it was sold to the National Trust of Victoria who still own the property today. What is intriguing is that a lot of the items still within the house, belonged to Armytage family. It is rumoured that Caroline never left. A woman in white has been spotted many times on the second floor. Then there are the stories surrounding her daughter Ethyl. In fact a newspaper once reported that a young girl been spotted by a bride to be taking a tour of the house with her wedding planner in the morning room. It is thought to be Ethyl.

All photos are taken by Sarah Living Life In Full Spectrum - Paranormal Blog