Portarlington Mill - Port Arlington Victoria

Portarlington Mill is one of the oldest flour mills in Victoria to still be standing today. Built in 1857 from local quarried stone, the mill used steam-driven machinery to prepare the flour from grain which was grown from the surrounding Geelong Bellarine Peninsula which was referred to as ‘The granary of the Colony’. The mill operated for 17 years and closed it’s doors in 1874. It was then used as a brick works and went on to be used as a factory to process seaweed for upholstery stuffing, and then producing ink and artificial fertiliser. In the 20th century it was converted to flats. It was then condemned but purchased by the Shire of Bellarine in 1962 where it was saved from demolition and managed by the National Trust of Victoria. It is not without it’s own tragedy. It is said by volunteers that when it was a brickworks, one of the workers fell from the third floor to his death. It is not known if It was an accident or something sinister. The volunteers have reported some strange things happening at the mill and often not wanting to be alone at night in the property. The mill is now used as a museum holding a collection of local items. Is the activity attributed to past occurrences at the mill, or are the items in the mill bringing in their own energy? It is certainly an interesting mix and an interesting location.

Photos by Sarah Living Life In Full Spectrum - Paranormal Blog