The Heights - Newtown Geelong Victoria

The Heights Photography

The Heights is located Newtown Geelong Victoria. The house was made to order in Germany in 1855 for Charles Ibbotson and remains as the largest prefabricated house in Victoria. It was owned by the Ibbotson family for three generations where the stables, water tower, groom’s cottage and dovecote are all in their original condition. The property however is not without it’s tragedy. The body of John Edmonson was found at the property after he had committed suicide with a shotgun. The room in which he shot himself was 20 yards from the sables and his death was puzzling to the family who thought Edmonson to be in good mental health. Volunteers at the property have had many experiences in the bedrooms of the main house and believe that they are not alone. During multiple paranormal investigations I have attended there, I have had some interesting experiences with many guests experiencing the feeling of being touched. I myself had an unexplained response to my knock once for yes twice for no test I do at every investigation, in fact this is the only time I have ever received a response. I was interested to find out recently that one of he guests who attended the public investigation had researched some of the names that we received during the investigation and were able to trace them to the house with the help of a local resident who had family ties to the residence.

Photos by Sarah Living Life In Full Spectrum - Paranormal Blog