Precognition VS Psychic Projection

Could Psychic Projection be responsible for some instances of Precognition? Could false memories influence the way we interpret our pre cognitive dreams?
Sarah Chumacero
30th January 2019.
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Supernatural Synchronicity has been off to quite an interesting start! It began with Ashley questioning what the source of psychical phenomena could be and suggested that perhaps the pineal gland acts as the physical seat much like Descartes theorised. I looked into the pineal gland a bit deeper and it's association with the third eye. Ashley followed up with his article Seeing the Unseen & Understanding the Unknown which I recommend you check out of course! He went on to question that if the pineal gland was capable of receiving information from some sort of energy source, does that mean it can send the information as well. Is the pineal gland a form of a transmitter?

As random as any information may be we will always attempt to process it within our subconscious minds. This is often to ascertain if it is relevant to our current situation. If it is then it becomes a part of our conscious mind. Now the source of this information is without doubt a ‘Hard Questions’ of the paranormal, but given Sarah’s post lets theorise that the information is also coming from another pineal gland. Thus making the pineal gland a transmitter and receiver of psychical information.

Stop and think about that for just a minute or two. That could mean that the information we pick up on, say during a paranormal investigation might just be coming from another living person, rather than a local spirit.

Ashley Knibb

When it comes to paranormal research, we need to challenge ourselves and think a little outside the box in order to gain a better understanding of the possibilities in front of us. Often we focus our attention on the potential 'spirits' we might be communicating with. We research the history of a building, we look at the background of the people who once roamed the halls and ask them questions like 'What is your name? How did you die?'. We carry a black tool case modified to hold paranormal equipment and ask these questions on a nightly basis all in the hopes that we will be able to document or experience some sort of activity that can be labeled as 'paranormal'. While this is fun and can be fulfilling in a lot of ways, especially in telling the stories of our past, it isn't really getting us anywhere in terms of the bigger questions within paranormal research. Perhaps it is time to shift the focus not on the potential people we feel we may be communicating with, but on the actual activity itself. Perhaps there is too much focus on why activity is occurring such as suggesting a traumatic incident meaning a spirit could not 'cross over' instead of the pivotal first question we need to be asking .... where is it coming from? The survivial hypothesis while a popular theory, is not the only possibility here. This leads to the next question, Is a human capable of 'causing' this activity?

Extra Sensory Perception

This brings us to the more out of the box type of thinking when it comes to things like ESP. Parapsychologists for decades have been testing people to see if there is some merit here to the thought that a person can in fact transmit their thoughts telepathically. J.B Rhine's trials with Zener cards and the Ganzfeld experiments from the 1970's immediately come to mind. While there was criticism in the controls, they believed there was some merit in the theory and the results while low seemed to indicate that there could be something there. I am not going to go into much detail as I have written about these trials in the past. It isn't about a person reading another person's mind, it is more a person sending a message to a person that they can receive, with the main point of difference being it is done with the mind itself. Much like how a walkie talkie works where it can transmit and receive a message, is that what the pineal gland does? Is it our walkie talkie? While we have theorised here that the pineal gland may play some part, it is time to look at the energy itself.

I talk often about the Philip Experiment from 1972 where a group of parapsychologists met on a weekly basis for over a year with the thought that just by focusing on pictures and a story about a made up 'ghost' that you could manifest this ghost just with a group of people focusing on this information. I myself have participated in different psychic projection experiments and have actually once witnessed first hand where a person seemed to either predict or project activity. Was this person predicting what was about to happen, or were they projecting it? So it makes me wonder, could precognition actually be a form of psychic projection?

Psychic Projection

Can us changing our thought process change the environment around us? I think about a lot of self help ideals and affirmations that immediately comes to mind. A lot of it is about changing your mindset in a way that you are consciously in control of your thoughts in order to make positive changes in your life. While the figures vary depending on the research, it is said that we have up to 60,000 thoughts in one day. Around 80% of these thoughts are supposedly negative. They are at a sub conscious level. Affirmations are positive things that you consciously tell yourself. Things like I am successful, I deserve happiness, I am strong and confident etc. When you affirm these things to yourself you are becoming more conscious of your thoughts and you start to believe the things you are telling yourself. Just by changing your thought process, you are making things happen.

When I look at it from a paranormal perspective, I often use Black Rock House as an example to get my point across. We take our guests into a room and explain that this is Annie's room and she was around 56 years old and passed away in her sleep. She was a servant and liked to cook bread etc etc. I have a room now focused on her story. We start asking question like Annie did you bake some bread today? Is activity we receiving because Annie is in the room or is it because we are so focused on her story we are unknowingly making it happen?

When I come back to precognition, I wonder how much of it is possibly our own doing? If we have a dream that stays with us for example and we are constantly thinking about it, by changing our thought process and focusing on the details of the dream are we in fact making these things happen? So instead of 'predicting' a future event, are we ourselves making it happen?

This of course brings me to my favourite part of Ashley's article:

One person’s grey alien is another person’s goblin!!!

I don't need to elaborate any further here as it is straight to the point and this is a large part of where my own research takes me, and that is the workings of the human mind. If a person has what we think to be a precognitive dream, are they 'expecting' it to happen? There is no way to actually record every aspect of a dream. We have to rely on our memory. Our memory no matter how vivid a dream may be, is not exactly credible. The brain produces what we call false memories. It can be either a distorted recollection, or it could be completely made up! When an event happens, perhaps there are some familiar aspects which trigger the brain to think the dream happened in a way that mimics the actual event. The dream may not of even happened but again some sort of familiarity associated with the event could cause the brain to suddenly remember a dream that didn't happen.

Over to Ashley

I feel like I could literally write another 10,000 words on this topic and lead into all different sorts of pathways and theories, but now it is your turn. What are your thoughts on the above? Do you think that psychic projection and precognition could actually be linked or are we looking too hard for things that aren't there? We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject so tell us in the comments below. If you don't want to be public, feel free to send me an email Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Honestly this article led me in a completely different direction to what I initially intended. That is the thing about Supernatural Synchronicity, you don't know where it is going to lead you next! Over to you Mr Knibb!

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